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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Thomas Ashton
When Lord Carlisle9 was here last year, who is a great virtuoso, he asked leave to see the cardinal's collection of cameos and intaglios. Ottoboni gave leave, and ordered the person who showed them to observe which my Lord admired most. My Lord admired many: they were all sent him the next morning. He sent the cardinal back a fine gold repeater; who returned him an agate snuff-box, and more cameos of ten times the value. Voild gul estfini! Had my Lord produced more gold repeaters, it would have been begging more cameos.
Adieu, my dear West! You see I write often and much, as you desired it. Do answer one now and then, with any little job that is done in England. Grood night.
Yours ever,
Eome, May 14, 1740. N.E.
BOILEATT'S Discord dwelt in a College of Monks1. At present the lady is in the Conclave. Corsini has been interrogated about certain millions of crowns that are absent from the Apostolic Chamber; he refuses giving an account, but to a Pope. However, he has set several arithmeticians to work, to compose sums, and flourish out expenses, which probably never existed. Cardinal Cibo2 pretends to have a banker at Genoa, who will prove that he has received three millions on the part of the Eminent Corsini. This Cibo is a madman, but set on by others. He had formerly some great office in the government,
8 Henry Howard (1684-1768), fourth Earl of Carlisle.
LKTTER 30.—Not in C.; reprinted from Tovey's Gray and his Friends, pp. 49-54.
1 Cf. Le Lutrin, Chant 1:
(Quand  la  Discorde encor toute
noire de crimes, Sortant des Cordeliers pour aller
aux Mim'mes,' &c. 2 Camillo  Cibo, of the   princely house of Massa-Carrara.